Mark Hill
Location:  Newcastle

Lecturer/ Artist/ Programmer

batch import... 23.05.06
I just don't seem to be able to perform this relatively simple task and wondered if anyone here has had any luck. I would li...
Saving chunks 23.03.06
How difficult would it be to step through a rasterized image and save it as smaller chunks? I have a large graphic that I wi...
Re: stroke ca... 14.11.05
Well, you've hit the nail on the head. That's exactly the problem I've got! Is this easy to do using an existing image that...
stroke cap tr... 14.11.05
Does anyone know how to avoid the inevitable circle that appears where to paths/ segments meet when using stroke cap round an...
Re: Line sege... 24.08.05
Hi Simon, Thanks a lot, yeah it's beginning to make sense now. I'll try your suggestions. Now that I'm getting up to speed w...
Canvas 23.08.05
I may be having deja vu here, thinking I've already asked this question: Is it possible to redefine the canvas in anyway usi...
Re: Line sege... 23.08.05
Thanks Simon, Yeah, I guess I'll stick with dumping x and y array. It makes for monster file sizes in a relatively short dra...
Re: Line sege... 23.08.05
Hi Simon, Thanks for the reply. I'm using p68 and beta p91. I've just been updating Alan Martin's AIExport code for beta an...
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