Håkan Lundgren
Location:  Sweden
Sudoku Genera... 04.01.13
I found a sudoku generator (and solver) in javascript @ this place made by a guy named David J. Rager so I fitted it into Sg....
Cross Hatch R... 15.03.12
Played around with some raster code the other day and discovered this one by accident. Thought it was nice enough that I shou...
L-System 13.11.11
An Adobe Illustrator L-System script through Scriptographer by Håkan Lundgren © 2011 Apparently I put too muc...
aMaze 18.10.10
This script uses a depth-first search algorithm to create a so called perfect maze. Should be rather self-explainatory once y...
Roulettes 18.04.11
I have expanded on the Spiro script by adding three more types of roulettes and a couple of other functions. R is the stator...
Mosaic Staple... 20.02.12
Create isometric mosaic rasters with height value from the pixels grayscale value. * UPDATE Feb 20, 2012 * I've rewritten m...
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Convert GPS .csv files to Illustrator paths 28.12.11