doeke wartena
Set document... 31.03.11
I need to batch 6000 files and make the pdf 6 times bigger. The default action in ILL doesnt register artboard changes so i...
Re: ? 10.03.11
you have winned a price for your topic title.
use shape for... 10.03.11
Is it possible to make a plug in that can use a shape as a selection tool. For example, i have a grid of squares, i draw a ci...
Re: modify th... 26.01.11
Thanks, this was very helpfull
Re: modify th... 23.01.11
[quote]There is a similar conversion method for CMYK but it is very inaccurate[/quote] Could you show me? And i saw the con...
Re: modify th... 23.01.11
Hi Jürg, i try to print images with different colors then cmyk or rgb. For this i want to try to understand the proces of rg...
Re: missing ;... 15.01.11
I wanted to help but the script runs fine by me. Do the scripts work by you that come as default?
Re: plugin co... 13.12.10
Look here, maybe this helps:
Re: No plugin... 13.12.10
CS5 uses plug ins by default so i think you have just problems locating it. Maybe you can try a search for the plug in folder...
Re: gradient 24.11.10
I did not know the reference is automatically generated, that explains a lot. Sorry my pain in the ass was not a kind way of...
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