wouter ramaker
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Re: Inverse s... 18.06.07
javascript has the same functions natively.. Math.sin() Math.asin() Math.cos() Math.acos() Math.tan() Math.atan()
Re: Export/Sa... 18.06.07
thanks for the effort, but I'm on pc.. so applescript won't work.. I wanted to automate exporting my files and printing it to...
Re: Export/Sa... 10.06.07
activeDocument.write(); This part of Scriptographer is still unfinished. hmm.. this hasn't been resolved yet, has it? Too bad...
Stroke Alignm... 09.06.07
in Illustrator's native Stroke-window it is possible to set the alignment of a stroke to it's path (inside / center / outside...
Re: Rotating... 26.05.07
That was what I thought yes. But as I figured out it was down to something else in my script (faulty theta somewhere in a 200...
Re: Rotating... 20.05.07
Nevermind! The crash was my fault, I used setToRotation(theta, point); but it should be used as setToRotation(theta, x, y); I...
Re: Rotating... 20.05.07
Your solution is crashing my script. It just stops outputting and makes illustrator not show anything in the document (as if...
Rotating Text... 17.05.07
If I call myArt.rotate(theta, x, y); on an areaText it outputs the rotation as if myArt was rotated with the SelectionTool (...
Re: Stencil a... 17.05.07
Is is possible to write a script to find one or two of the shortest distances of the outside border of a compound path to the...
Re: Offsettin... 17.05.07
the Stitch-script on this site uses getNormal() and normalize() for this. example: var art = new Path(); art.moveTo(500,50...
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