Changelog 2.6.036
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Changed the script folder structure, to separate example scripts from scripts made by the users.

Added bezier curve smoothing through path.smooth().

Added path.add(segment) and path.insert(index, segment), to directly add segments and points to path items.

Added undo / redo history tracking, to predict the lifespan of Illustrator art items and prevent many bugs that were caused by undoing during the execution of more complex scripts, such as tool scripts.

Added support for a broader range of tablet data values, e.g. path.tabletPressure, path.tabletTilt, etc.

Improved path.split(length) and added support for splitting tablet data correctly.

Added support for key event handling.

Re-executing scripts that produced UI dialogs now automatically remove previous dialogs if they use the same name.

onStop() handlers are now also called when active tool scripts get replaced by new ones

Added document.colorModel and color.convert(type) to convert to a given color model.

Added temporary item removal code for tool scripts to standard library.

Fixed several bugs in text support, where CharacterStyles were wrongly fetched / updated and nested TextRanges used wrong offsets.

Fixed several bugs with where path items could not be stored in other item's data object, and segments of already stored paths could not be updated.

Fixed a bug where the tool button would sometimes not appear after startup on Windows.

Fixed path.intersects(item) which returned the opposite of what it was supposed to.

Fixed a bug in segment.point's selected property that was not properly updated after the first time it was fetched.

Fixed a bug where document.currentStyle was not correctly updated when the selection was changed during execution of a script.

Fixed a bug in document.hitTest(point) / item.hitTest(point) where wrong curves and segments were returned when clicking and the end of closed paths.

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