Changelog 2.7.044
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Fixed a row of serious issues related to faulty management of reference counted native objects that often lead to random crashes when using Scriptographer, especially when working with

Fixed issues with key handling on windows, where extended keys were wrongly mapped to characters, causing entry of text into text items to not work properly in some situations.

Added event.item, as a way to easily retrieve the item under the mouse when the tool event happens without using document.hitTest(point). This also resolves grouped items to the group instead of the single clicked component of the group.

Fixed a bug where hitResult.segment caused a NullPointerException when not clicking on a segment.

Fixed to not throw an exception for the last element in the list.

Fixed a bug with onKeyDown() / onKeyUp() events not firing.

Removed layer.selected property, as the underlying Illustrator SDK calls do not work anymore in recent versions.

Added item.targeted property, to give access to the targeted state of items, as displayed by the Layers palette. This can be used as an alternative to the removed layer.selected to mark layers.

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