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From:  Zimi
Date:  4. January 2007, 11:25

Hello Lehni Bro.,
I'm student in visual communication in Basel,
(I know that you come soon to us for a presentation.. :-)

I would like to know if i can send informations from the great scriptographer to a processing or Arduino progr.?

Is there a solution? I very intersted in the scripto application

Please give me an answer...........................................................................

Re: Arduino-Processing-Scriptographer?
From:  Thijs Gadiot
Date:  5. January 2007, 09:15

Interesting you mention this, I was thinking of a similar thing (actually the other way around, hooking input devices up to an Arduino and generating Scriptographer input). I do think it is possible, by using serial communication through Java. Figuring this out for myself at the moment.

Re: Arduino-Processing-Scriptographer?
From:  Zimi
Date:  5. January 2007, 09:41

Thank you,
Interesting, the serial communication...

I think that if I can with arduino work in flash, it would be possible to translate information for the scripto application. Can be by using the serial proxy...
yes you are right...Unfortunately my knowledge in the programming is limited to the actionscript, and C. I am not data-Man! : - (

Good continuation...

Re: Arduino-Processing-Scriptographer?
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  16. January 2007, 20:30

Hi Zimi,

Integrating Arduino with Scriptographer should not be too hard. You could even embed Arduino directly in Scriptographer, as it's based on Java just like Scriptographer. Embedding Processing would be a bit harder, as it needs a graphical interface, which currently interfers with the Illustrator interface. Future version might fix this.

But if you want to run any of these outside of Scriptographer and have a connection between the two, you could open a TCP socket between them through which you send commands, e.g. using Processing's Client / Server classes:

In Scriptographer you could then either do the same, by using the classes from* through the JavaScript to Java bridge, or implement one using the standard Java net classes.

See you soon in Basel.

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