External Control: Part II
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External Control: Part II
From:  Warren
Date:  9. December 2005, 12:54

Just a newbie around these parts and discovered your site via the Hektor stuff while researching motion control for a milling machine I have aquired.

I'm impressed with the plugin and congrats on all the hard work.

I'm also playing around with the RCX brick from lego in a turtle stylee.

Any chance of functionality thru USB? The rcx brick communicates via a usb IR "tower" and can either download control or control in 'realtime'.

Illustrator control of the RCX brick while in 'turtle mode' would be my target.

Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

PS Simon - I'm based in Prestwich, not a million miles away from you and also spend as much time as possible on holcombe hill or scout moor on two wheels... Wanna see some secret trails? :)

Re: External Control: Part II
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  21. March 2006, 09:53
warren wrote:
Anyone else whose is interested in this little experiment?? Lego mindstorms 'robot' configured as a pen / marker holder to plot illustrator files?

Sounds good! I don't have Lego mindstorms myself, but I could help you with your scripts.

First you need to get the Java Communications API for serial port communication working. Sun's version of it for Windows seems to have disappeared from, but it's still available here:;jsessionid=95A4C22FD58D3564EFB29CD0DB66474B
But download soon, because it might disappear as well.

So the first step is to get the javacomm stuff installed and running. Then you can download the RCX library and add it to Scriptographer/java/lib, reload the plugin and start coding.

As a starting point, please try this:

var rcx = Packages.rcx;
var port = new rcx.RCXPort("COM1");
println("Battery Level = "+port.getBatteryPower()+" volts.");

Good luck!

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