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Re: External... 07.03.06
thanks for the quick reply... Its all a bit daunting for someone whose JUST getting to grips with AS2!! I shall take your l...
Re: External... 07.03.06
If you want to try it out, I can send you a beta version of the new plugin. Please let me know on which platform you are and...
Re: External... 23.01.06
Get a windows box working? what? like, without crashing? you the man!! Anytime is great... ;) cheers
Re: External... 21.01.06
Sounds promising... Yes, please send me the new version. I'm on xp with illus CS. my email is in my profile.
Re: External... 10.12.05
waxoil? urgh... what a loverleee job... You could have done a better job on the vinyl roof ;) I've droppred jurg a mail and...
Re: External... 09.12.05
Is shaun the guy whose just sold his 76 (ish) ford escort? and chris the one with a crosser? good bunch of lads and a good s...
Re: External... 09.12.05
Hi, yeah should go out for a ride, whats your work for i.e. college / uni ?? work is my own curosity - I'm a graphic designe...
External Cont... 09.12.05
Just a newbie around these parts and discovered your site via the Hektor stuff while researching motion control for a milling...
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