Scribbler effect
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Scribbler effect
From:  björn
Date:  7. September 2007, 10:33

Hi everyone,

Guess you've seen the remarkable scribbler app over att ( Has anyone of you had any success or thoughs on how to go about implementing a similar script for scriptographer?

I would pay money for that.

  • björn
Re: Scribbler effect
From:  Keegan Green
Date:  10. September 2007, 01:06

Yeah, that is pretty cool.

The closest thing I have seen in scriptographer my spiderweb script, but it's different in a few ways. You can't watch the spider web script play, so you can't pause it either. The scribbler seems to create more random results. Also the Scribbler only seems to draw lines of a set length.

Actually, I guess it's not that much the same, but it is free,


Re: Scribbler effect
From:  björn
Date:  10. September 2007, 15:16

Hey, yeah your spiderweb thing is very cool too. However, it can't really make a drawn path look like a doodle drawing - which is really what I'm after. But perhaps the both of them are implemented in a similar way. From what I can tell from the zefrank site it chooses a few numbers at random in some algorithm.


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