Keegan Green
Location:  Australia
Fishbones 09.03.10
This tool draws fish bone like patterns (for lack of a better description). It places a copy your line at a set angle on both...
Rando Color 09.03.10
Extension of Tutorial 2 that lets you choose a color range to randomly recolor art. Just enter the hsb values for the two col...
Crazy Dashes 09.03.10
this script makes a line or a bunch of lines dashed, with random values for the gap and dash. It's kind of fun to use on lot...
spiderweb 09.03.10
This script draws lines from points at a set distance around a shape to random points on the same path. The end result is a b...
Reflector 09.03.10
A simple tool that draws several reflections (mirror images) of your line. Options to reflect vertically, horizontally or bot...
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Mosaic Staple Raster 24.03.10