Scriptographer is amazing
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Scriptographer is amazing
Date:  1. August 2006, 12:57

i just wanted to say this site is amazing, as are all the scripts available for download. unfortunately i'm a designer who knows nothing about programing so i wont be contributing any of my own scripts in the near future, but i will certainly be making a financial contribution as soon as i use anything in a commercial project.

thank you so much lehni and any other contributers.

p.s. cant wait for afternow to be made available!

Re: Scriptographer is amazing
From:  Dale
Date:  23. August 2006, 10:49

I agree, this site and pluggin is amazing.

Ironically I just stumbled onto the fact that you can script illustrator after realising that alpha values in flash generative systems are not retained in postscript, so I had to find a way to make alpha random in illustrator. Found that you can, and in the process found this site.

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