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Scriptographer vs. Illustrator's built-in scripting?
From:  Craig
Date:  9. January 2009, 04:16

Hi all,

I'm just beginning to explore the possibility of writing scripts within Illustrator (admittedly, something I should have learned a long time ago). Scriptographer looks cool, but there's something I don't understand. Illustrator itself has a fully-featured scripting engine that supports Javascript and ActionScript. So what does Scriptographer give me on top of that? I'm not criticising -- I just can't find a good description of how these two forms of scripting differ. Please enlighten me!

Re: Scriptographer vs. Illustrator's built-in scripting?
From:  hekama
Date:  22. January 2009, 22:17

Three reasons i prefer Scriptographer over built in engine.
• Easy access to ADM which built in scripting doesn't have. This means you can create an interface for your script.
• Interactive features. Use the mouse or tablet in your scipts to draw or control stuff.
• No annoying scope problems.

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