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Creator:  peko
Date:  2. July 2011, 19:22

Script uses an great online service
to find similar images to path's fill color. Then it just replace the selected artwork with an image and clip it with the original path.

Demonstration of work

UPD1: Seems like the idee services changing a lot. So, probably this script will stops works again in the feature. If it will happen, just post an comment here and I will try to fix it. Right now I do some hacks and upload new version of script, it works again. And its still get small previews from tineye hosting. I think it is possible to grab an original image from flickr, but it will work slower because of an additional server request and image file size.

UPD2: Idee API was changed again. Warning - new version of script generates a lot of images in the same folder, because of a new image downloader.

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