trouble in raster scrypts
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trouble in raster scrypts
Date:  28. May 2007, 08:49

apparently nothing is working in raster scrypts!!!

Even when I follow the instructions by the letter, not only it does not work properly and also causes a lot of crashes.

Can someone help because we can not contact mr. Jürg Lehni by email.

was it to good to be true?

Re: trouble in raster scrypts
Date:  28. May 2007, 10:06

Please be more exact about your problems. What kind of error messages are you getting?

I'm guessing you've read:

ps. please don't end your question for assistence with snarkiness.

Re: trouble in raster scrypts
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  28. May 2007, 14:06

Thanks, Jonathan.

I am happy to help out with problems, and all my answers on this forum should show you my commitment to this project.

Please do not forget that this is free software, so noone has the right to behave like the paying customer.

What was the email address you have sent your message from? It might have ended up in my spam filter. And why did you not post the content of your mail on the forum to begin with? I prefer to answer questions about problems here rather than in private emails, so other people can profit from my answer as well. The only purpose of making my email adress available on this forum is to have people send me crash reports.


PS: What was to good to be true? Finding a free plugin that does all the tricks of software that costs money?

Re: trouble in raster scrypts
From:  Tom K.
Date:  28. June 2007, 17:07

I'm working with Illustrator CS. I had trouble running the raster object script till I found that you had to select the image FIRST, shift-click the object then the script, then play. In that order. My trouble, I think is that I was selecting both the image and the object simultaneously.

BTW, the effects are awesome and thank you very much for this software.

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