bended lines in a circle
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bended lines in a circle
From:  Georg
Date:  21. January 2012, 16:27

hi all

iam very new here, have no experience on scripting in illustrator but hopefully at the right place.

i have nice circle with boring straight line, iwant them more smooth and bended like in the 2nd attach, any ideas how to do this?

best, georg

Re: bended lines in a circle
Date:  2. February 2012, 14:43

Sure it would.
A loop could check at what angle each of the straight line's anchor points would be in relation to the circles center. Then a new bent/hyperbolic line would be constructed and replace the old one. Not a very big deal, only have to make certain that the old circle and lines are centered above the new circle otherwise the angles wouldn't match.
All this could be put in a separate script that called the function of the hyperbolic script. I can write it for you if you have time to wait a day or two.

Re: bended lines in a circle
From:  Georg
Date:  2. February 2012, 23:18

hey håkan - thank for the offer!
i would love to wait 2 or 3 days before
i recreate over 500 lines per hand :))
best georg

Re: bended lines in a circle
Date:  3. February 2012, 14:08

I have now made a "straight-2-hyperbolic line converter" for you :-P

Just open the script in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) and there you'll find some very easy instructions on how the script works.

Before and after pics below.

This is ONLY a conversion tool. Too draw more lines you'd have to use the previous script.

Hope it works, cheers!

Re: bended lines in a circle
From:  Georg
Date:  7. February 2012, 20:47

write me if u come to berlin and well have a beer :)
best georg

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