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color blind
From:  odd
Date:  17. February 2011, 14:27

Im looking for ways to create a color blind test (circles). Is it possible do do with scriptographer?

Re: color blind
Date:  17. February 2011, 19:30

I would think that there is nothing that would prevent one from doing such a script although I think that would involve some sort of circlepacking algorithm which i assume is fairly a complex matter.

My spontaneous reaction is that it is simpler to do it manually. But maybe there is someone here that is more at home with that sort of math who could do it.
Jonathan (Tile Tool, Roads, Voronoi Tool, Triangular) maybe, from what I understand the guy is VERY good!

Re: color blind
From:  odd
Date:  18. February 2011, 11:08

Thank you Håkan! Ive been looking for a smart way to do a color-blind pattern, and it seems like I have to keep looking…

Re: color blind
Date:  18. February 2011, 11:56

Another way to do it is to make a script that, upon drawing triangles inside a shape, also drew the incircles of each triangle. This is not so hard to do but the result isn't very good. There would be alot more space around the circles...

Re: color blind
From:  David Lumley
Date:  14. March 2011, 05:28

if you send me a more detailed description of how you want the tool to work i will be happy to put a script together

Re: color blind
From:  Laura
Date:  14. March 2011, 06:30

Would love to see this, too!

It looks like this site has a plugin that "resolves conflicts between overlapping symbols," but for some reason, it looks like it's only compatible with Windows?...
The PDF:
The site, with downloads:

Re: color blind
From:  Laura
Date:  18. March 2011, 21:21

Looks like this is a nice solution:

Would be great if we could substitute the circles for other user-defined symbols, or if we could set circle size instead of relying on a percentage range, but this is really great.


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