Illu CS6?
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Illu CS6?
From:  HP
Date:  6. May 2012, 10:52

it runs nor on illu cs6 (mac) at this time?
is an update planned?

thank you :)

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  18. May 2012, 12:12

When I started work on Scriptographer in 2001, the aim was indeed to confront a monolithic, closed-source product with the open source attitude. Adobe as the industry standard seemed a good starting point for such a «software-political» statement. This has nothing to do with addiction.

Meanwhile, with all the changes that I had to adapt to (e.g. switch of coordinate system in CS5), and all the future ones coming, I am well aware of the downsides of such a commitment.

But to making Scriptographer available to InkScape is not an effort of just porting it over, it would mean to completely start from scratch again, as the two applications do not share any kind of APIs. It would be an interesting project in itself, but it would be something else, with a new name, and most of all it would require even more time than making CS6 work.

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  19. May 2012, 16:02

...but it is not like I have given up on it completely, if you follow the Github repo, you will see I am in the process of getting it to build on CS6, at least without the UI for now:

Other options I am considering for UI: Integrating WebKit and building all UI using HTML5, and bridging events between Scriptographer's JS engine and WebKit's. Probably also not an easy task, but it would open up intersting options for custom UIs, using any kind of framework. Ideally, it would be the same JS engine running everything though, as the bridging part would probably become quite a headache otherwise.

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  HP
Date:  19. May 2012, 21:38

danke für die rückmeldung, jürgen.

ich schreib jetzt mal kurz in deutsch, in englisch kann ich das nicht so gut formulieren.
mal ganz ketzerisch: gibt es denn ne möglichkeit die scripts, die im scriptographer laufen, ohne scriptographer im illu zu nutzen?

Grüße, HP :)

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  Cristian
Date:  4. June 2012, 22:15

Dear Jürg:

I'm horrified about these news. Scriptographer is very important to me (as a user -- I'm no programmer), and I'm pretty sure for a lot of people (that use Illustrator for a living in a production environment, as an unrivaled tool that gets empowered by SC in ways that will not be replaced by other obscure open-source tools).
So I would encourage you (as someone previously stated) to consider Kickstarter to fund a CS6 version development (pleeease T_T ). That would cover your expenses or even the expenses of hiring someone else :) Anyway, thank you for all previous development.

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  morse
Date:  19. June 2012, 20:17

Hello. Please consider making Scriptographer a commercial product. I am willing to pay for it's use and your support!

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  Caline
Date:  21. July 2012, 21:02

I discovered only today that this issue exists when I wanted to add a simple little tree. I fully understand why you code for Illustrator: it is indeed the world's leading application. Working in the design industry where companies are using it or are moving to Illustrator (from, for instance, Canvas or CorelDraw (gulp)), it would be disastrous if we had to move to another application and lose years of knowledge and tricks we're accustomed to. I personally am not a fan of all things Google (privacy issues) but I am sure there are good people around Google who know what they are doing and I appreciate Jurg's efforts!

Am I to understand that the files that are hosted on Github are ready for use in Illustrator CS6? Please let me know because I am not a programmer :)

If it were possible to pay for the core module and have free updates that would be great. I for one am willing to pay for this but not if the scripts themselves would have to be purchased at a steep price. It could work if you could try the scripts locally (I am thinking along the lines of Sketchy Structures) and then download them for a price. The paying module should be easy and internationally oriented though, not everyone has a credit card or is willing to use PayPal. I for one know no one who uses PayPal for example. Keep us informed, we love Scriptographer as you can see. I hope it makes you feel good! <3

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  Jeremy
Date:  15. August 2012, 12:25

So bummed the port to CS6 isn't happening. Hopefully somebody will come along and help. You should post on the homepage the need for exactly what kind of programmer and skills you would need to help make the port happen. Perhaps socialize the need a bit more on Twitter and such.

Thanks for all your hard work thus far!

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  baumbastisch
Date:  15. August 2012, 15:40

if it is complicated to migrate to newer CS versions of scriptographer, what about collecting the needed resources via to get some developers on this and get it to work. the need for this awesome tool is definitive there.

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  Fred
Date:  22. October 2012, 15:06


This is sad news.
I have a couple of questions.

— Your software being popular, have you talked with adobe about the further dev of your app? May be they'd be willing to give you a few leads.

— Kickstarter or any fund raising option to give you the money to gather a.time, b.resources to work on it is certainly a good idea (as some people mentioned before).
You could count me in (just for the money, i don't have the programming skills).

Take care
and thanks for the great work.

Re: Updating Scriptographer for CS6
From:  Andre_
Date:  24. October 2012, 09:36

Hi Jürg,

+1 for Kickstarter. Scriptographer is such a nice project, it'd be sad to see it die silently.
I just saw a project of a friend sucessfully founded and i bet people a more than willing to pledge some €¥$. (me included)

Would be great if you give us an update about your process and plans.
Greetings & thanks for all the work

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