Offsetting Points
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Offsetting Points
From:  Thijs Gadiot
Date:  16. May 2007, 11:16

Hey all,

I've got another question. I'm trying to offset points from a path, with an equal distance from the path. To accomplish this I need to know the angle(direction) of the point. Is there an easy way to get to know this? I do think it's possible to get to know the direction, by measuring the distance between two points that are very close together, but I was wondering if there is an easier (better) way. I've attached an image.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Offsetting Points
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  17. May 2007, 00:39

There is indeed a better way to do this:

Look at the curve object. It has methods to retrieve tangent and normal vectors at any given point of the curve. The values are exact, as there is a way to mathematically calculate these without any approximation.

Re: Offsetting Points
From:  Thijs Gadiot
Date:  17. May 2007, 08:39

Thanks once again for the help!

Re: Offsetting Points
Date:  17. May 2007, 12:53

the Stitch-script on this site uses getNormal() and normalize() for this.


var art = new Path();
var art_copy = art.clone();

curvesToPoints() used for this example, 
but this doesn't give you a nice distribution 
of points along the path.

var count = art_copy.curves.length;
for (var k = 0; k < count; k++) {
	var res = new Path();
        var bezier = art_copy.curves[k];
        var pt = bezier.getPoint(0);
    	var n = bezier.getNormal(0).normalize(10); 
    	// normalize(10) = offset from shape : 10 pts
	if(n.x != 0 || n.y != 0){
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