Phyllotactic Spiral Script?
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Phyllotactic Spiral Script?
From:  Miles-e-piles
Date:  9. July 2015, 20:12

I'm sorry, I'm clueless. Got Illustrator CS5. Got Scriptographer installed. Downloaded and added Phyllotactic Spiral script (.js file). Able to play/access Phyllotactic Spiral script, so I'm getting the menu window with it's various options. But I can't see any 'OK' button to actually run the script!

Anyone know of a tutorial that will take me through the process? Perhaps there's a really simple solution to this problem? What am I not doing?

I've attached an example of the type of spiral I want to create.

Any/all advice greatly appreciated.


Re: Phyllotactic Spiral Script?
From:  LL
Date:  10. July 2015, 09:03

When you have the menu window open, then select the Scriptographer tool and press the mouse, it will draw the settings from the window at the mouse click point.

As seen below excerpted from in the code, it executes onMouseDown:

// --------------------------------
// interaction
// --------------------------------
function onMouseDown(event) {
origin = event.point;

Also, this script does not work with existing path items as you have shown in your screenshot, it draws the dots itself via code. I hope that helps your understanding and usage.

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