Remove keyboard shortcut
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Remove keyboard shortcut
From:  Caio Beltrão
Date:  24. March 2010, 14:26

Hi everyone,
the shortcut to the Scriptographer's 'pencil tool' is the 0 (zero) key in the numeric keyboard (in Windows, I don't know in Mac), so I can't use the 0 key as a 0.

Is there any way to remove or change this shortcut?

I tried in Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts... but the 'pencil tool' isn't in the list.


Re: Remove keyboard shortcut
From:  Zed
Date:  12. April 2010, 20:01

Ok Jürg, looking forward to the mistery unfolding :)

Again, may you need my help to track the bug down, don't hesitate to contact me.

Re: Remove keyboard shortcut
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  13. April 2010, 11:57

Silly me: I tested the key events in the Scriptographer Console, not realising that the whole key handling code (that I wrote myself) is not in effect there...

So testing now in text items as you say I managed to reproduce this issue easily also on Windows XP, and already found a fix. Expect an update soon!

Re: Remove keyboard shortcut
From:  Zed
Date:  13. April 2010, 12:23


Re: Remove keyboard shortcut
From:  Caio Beltrão
Date:  13. April 2010, 16:04


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