Memory Issues
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Memory Issues
Date:  29. December 2010, 03:49


I have a couple of questions regarding the general usage of SG.

First, is it possible to expand, or free the memory, used by the scripts. In some of my scripts I make heavy use of arrays and after a while I get a memory overflow error and have to relaunch SG in order to be able to continue working. So, is it possible to expand the memory or at least to free up the available memory between each script?

Secondly, is there a command to clear the console window? Sometimes, when I'm debugging, the console get very cluttered and it would be nice to not have to click the refresh button manually between each run.

Hmm, I know I had more questions but they seemed to have slipped my mind...

Thank you Jürg (and the rest of the Scriptographer Team) for your tremendous job. It gives me great pleasure fiddling around with this tool!


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