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Join the Effort!
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  27. July 2006, 02:11

The new versions of both this site and the Scriptographer plug-in are now online since a bit more than a month. In the meantime it has become clear that while this was a big step forward, we are not there yet. There are many things that need improvement, and quite a few of these can improve much faster if volunteers join the effort. Here is a list of things that you can do to improve Scriptographer:

  • Write documentation. If you are an experienced Scriptographer user, you could start writing entries for the reference Reference or tutorials.
  • Program. If you know your way arond C++ and Java, you could start filling in the missing bits and uncovered functionality in the plug-in.
  • Debug. Is Illustrator crashing on your machine? If you are willing to provide remote access through VNC or Timbuktu and some CPU time on your machine, then the problem can be debugged remotely and solved in the next release.
  • Donate. If none of the above fits, and especially if you use Scriptographer in your commercial work, you can still help by donating money. Even small donations are very welcome.

If there is another way of helping out I have not thought of, or other suggestions, please go ahead and post it here.

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