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Creator:  Håkan Lundgren
Date:  18. October 2010, 02:00

This script uses a depth-first search algorithm to create a so called perfect maze.
Should be rather self-explainatory once you run the script.

A couple of things though.
The entrance and exit has deliberately been left out so you can set them at any point you wish.
Just delete the wall segment where you want your entrance/exit to be.

It might be a good idea to merge all the pieces together with the pathfinder tool and afterwards run the simplify command (found under Object->Path->Simplify...) with an Angle Threshold above 90º to remove any obsolete anchor points.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Maze with solid walls.
Extruded with Illustrator's native 3d.
Re: aMaze
From:  Jay Weeks
Date:  4. November 2010, 07:23

pretty cool :)

Love it
From:  mrxemp
Date:  9. January 2011, 20:33

Very nice.... love the idea..

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