EAN 13 barcode generator
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Creator:  Graham van de Ruit
Date:  22. June 2011, 02:17

This script generates an EAN 13 barcode from an ISBN number.

Credit must go to Håkan Lundgren for the basis of the script.

This script must be run in an empty document, as all paths in the document are united during the drawing.

The EAN-13 code must be of the form XXX-X-XX-XXXXXX-X for the text to be generated correctly, though it will still work without the hyphens.

The text spacing will need to be manually adjusted if the Min. barwidth is changed from 1 pt.

I’ve set the font to be Myriad Pro Regular, but you can change this easily in the script.

Re: EAN 13 barcode generator
Date:  22. June 2011, 06:22

Hi there Graham, I am actually working on a new barcode generator.
The code will be heavily rewritten and support for a number of different barcode symbologies. So far, I have only added one new - Code 39 - but I plan to add more in the days to come.
Unfortunately the handling of text will be somewhat more simplified but this won't hinder anyone to manually modify and set the text to ones liking.

Re: EAN 13 barcode generator
Date:  22. June 2011, 10:23

Great! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks, Håkan.

Re: EAN 13 barcode generator
From:  Rene Robben
Date:  22. January 2013, 10:06

Graham and Hakan,

I've used the basics of your script to implement a barcode in a script that I am writing for our cutting system. It works like a blast! Thanks!

Re: EAN 13 barcode generator
From:  cindy
Date:  29. July 2013, 09:52

I've heart about and searched on the google free online EAN13 barcode generator hope it helps.

Re: EAN 13 barcode generator
From:  yuiop
Date:  9. August 2013, 08:27

i have several years' experience in generating barcode, i think some turioals and articles might be helpful. you can google EAN-13 barcode, and some articles can be available. i can give you some if you need . this is the turoial of generating EAN-13 barcode , you can ,make it as reference and the tool if free for 30 days.this is the barcode generator in vb and other formats, i think it might also be helpful.good luck.

Re: EAN 13 barcode generator
From:  cindy313
Date:  5. September 2013, 11:19

have you tried this ean-13 barcode generator? last month i did it in my program. and you know ? they offer the guide of generating barcode images in rdlc reports.very easy!

Re: EAN 13 barcode generator
From:  arronwall
Date:  17. October 2013, 11:54

I am also testing the EAN-13 barcode SDKs and the related barcode tools. I will tryyour sharing later. Thanks for that.

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