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Creator:  Håkan Lundgren
Date:  26. October 2011, 17:09

An Adobe Illustrator L-System script through Scriptographer
by Håkan Lundgren
© 2011

Apparently I put too much text in this field as it does not display all of it. Text has instead been put in as a header of the file explaining how to use the script.

Meanwhile you can get a quick introduction here:

Early version, though. A bit crude but I hope it works!

* UPDATE - Nov 03, 2011*

  • The draw command no longer iterates the grammar any further if called more than once.
  • Some cleaning-up in the code department
Re: L-System
Date:  30. November 2011, 15:49

Hey Håkan,

If you looked at my Paperjs code on Phyllotaxis you'll notice where I got the original algorithm for the arangement.

Is it forbidden within this community to learn the same topics / write our own interpetations?

Re: L-System
Date:  1. December 2011, 01:07

Hi David,
of course it is not forbidden! I'm not accusing you of anything here!
All this is open source so do with it as you like. I guess you know as well as I do that the proper thing to do is credit someone if one where to use someone else's code.

Which I'm NOT saying you are.

The reason I came to your site was that 'Some Dude' had expressed a wish to have a GUI for my L-System. Your script has that, so it is probably easier to work with than mine therefore I just wanted to point him in the right direction.

I have not, and probably will not, look at your phyllotaxis code. Wherever your inspiration comes from is really none of my business, I just pointed it out the coincidence. No need to feel slighted!

My best,

Re: L-System
Date:  1. December 2011, 02:39

Hi Håkan,

Sorry if I came across too coarse on the previous comment.

I definitely agree with you on the above, and it was nice of you to refer him that way knowing he needed that feature.



Re: L-System
Date:  20. July 2015, 10:22

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