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Creator:  ken frederick
Date:  10. January 2013, 03:11

Generate lissajous curves as made famous by Jules Antoine Lissajous (and Nathaniel Bowditch).

and since scriptographer is dead, I made a version with paperjs as well.

  • ---------------------------------------------------


Phase Shift
the period of the curve

frequency ratio across the x & y axes

Stroke Weight
set two different stroke weights and the curve will interpolate from the start to the end weight

set two colors and the curve will interpolate from the start to the end color

set two opacity values and the curve will interpolate from the start to the end opacity

blend mode of opacity: normal, multiply, screen, etc.

Flyout Menu:
colors will alternate every other segement

colors will blend across segments from start to end

Mouse drag
modulate the frequency (using the input values as maximums), the closer to the origin of the document = 0, the further away the maximum

Mouse drag+shift
modulate the phase shift (mouse x axis) from 0 - 360

  • ---------------------------------------------------


There is a glitch that happens every now and then that causes the control handles of the beziér curves to shoot off of the screen. I'm looking into a better way for calculating beziér curves.

** i have tested this script on OSX CS5.1 and it functions without problems (aside from glitch mentioned above) using the latest version of scriptographer (2.9.072). i have no way to test on other versions of illustrator (i.e. CS2 or CS4, etc.) or windows. email is the best way to contact me.


Re: Lissajous
Date:  10. January 2013, 03:46

Nice work!
I hope that you won't stop using Scriptographer even though it is dead.
I still use it on an almost daily basis as AI is my preferred tool.

Re: Lissajous
Date:  11. January 2013, 10:53

Doesn't work.
The attached script seems to be empty.

Re: Lissajous
Date:  14. January 2013, 10:44

Nope, just a blank page for me as well.
I've had this happen to me too with my last upload. We'll appreciate it if you could try again.

Have a nice day!

Re: Lissajous
From:  ken frederick
Date:  14. January 2013, 12:58

oops... not sure what happened, but the download should work now. also, i was able to more or less solve the glitch.


Re: Lissajous
From:  ninja
Date:  28. May 2013, 02:44

beautiful shape, thanks for sharing and reminding

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