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Creator:  Keegan Green
Date:  14. December 2007, 01:38

Extension of Tutorial 2 that lets you choose a color range to randomly recolor art. Just enter the hsb values for the two colors.

Also, you can choose to change the transparency or use only the active document's swatches.

Unfortunately, pattern swatches and color book swatches (like pantones) won't work. If anyone has any thoughts on how to fix that, let me know because I would love for them to work too.

Works great on large groups of shapes. Have fun!

awesome but need swatches
From:  Wes
Date:  29. December 2007, 03:15

this is an awesome script. these days its all about colors and this achieves it although i find it hard to pick a range from just hsb values, the "use document swatches" idea is good but when i check it and press ok it does only a few of my objects in color and stops abruptly and gives me the following message:

{ red: 1.0, green: 0.9490196, blue: 0.0, alpha: 1.0 }

can anyone fix this or know what is going on? thank you, and once again thank you for the script.

Re: awesome but need swatches
From:  Keegan Green
Date:  6. January 2008, 08:53

Hi Wes,

I used hsb because it produces better results. hsb more accuratly reflects how people perceive color. Imagine you used white (rgb 255, 255, 255) and black (rgb 0,0,0) as the two colors. If I used rgb to randomly find colors, basically any color could be used. With hsb, the hue and saturation for black (hsb 0,0,0) and white (hsb 0,0,100) are the same, so the brightness is the only value that gets changed. This will produce a range of gray tones, which is probably what you would want.

Anyway, I find it best to choose your colors in what ever way you like (cmyk or rgb) in illustrator's color picker window and write down the hsb values for my script.

As for the error, I was unfortunately unable to make the script use pattern swatches. In order for the script to work, you will need to delete all the pattern swatches from you document. If anyone knows a way to use pattern swatches as well, that would be great.

Ok, hope that fixes your problem,


Re: awesome but need swatches
From:  tobias
Date:  7. July 2008, 19:46

hmmm doesn't work for me. No matter how i try I keep getting this error message:

Error 2: Dialog is undefined
Line 24:

  • > values=Dialog.prompt("set rando-color range", [

never used scripts before in my life. Do I have to open them with the text editor and enter all the values, or should I be able to do it all from within Illustrator?

thanks for the help


Re: awesome but need swatches
From:  VelocityBoy
Date:  20. August 2008, 16:38

I don't know if its to with scriptographer or this script but every time I run it, its works beautifully, creates great colour variations, then I try to save and it just crashed Illy. WOrking on CS2 on a PPC G5 running 10.4.11. Arrgh! I woud love this to work!

Re: awesome but need swatches
From:  ken frederick
Date:  21. August 2008, 19:21

i have a random script i wrote that uses some stuff borrowed from this script..

i've posted it here:


let me know if it works for you.


08.08.14, 15:24
15.05.14, 14:23
02.03.14, 19:16
18.11.13, 14:48
22.03.13, 03:05
22.02.13, 15:45
10.01.17, 16:37
19.02.16, 06:03
19.02.16, 06:00
17.01.16, 11:00
12.01.16, 13:10
25.11.15, 08:19