Thijs Gadiot
Location:  Amsterdam
Re: Java libr... 28.04.07
Thanks alot for the fix!. The workaround didn't seem to fix everything though, as I wasnt able to set the flowcontrol with th...
Re: Java libr... 22.04.07
Ah, that explains!. Well thanks again for the intercontinental support.
Re: Java libr... 22.04.07
Thanks for looking into it, and Simon, I haven't tried your solution yet, but thanks for the input!
Re: Java libr... 21.04.07
Hey Simon, Thanks for helping out. The constants are part of the java class, here's some more code. Do you know if there wer...
Re: Java libr... 19.04.07
Hello Simon, This is the function: setSerialPortParams public abstract void setSerialPortParams(int baudrate,...
Re: getting s... 19.04.07
Did you read all the installation instructions? - >
Java librarie... 19.04.07
Hey all, When I moved to CS3 and the latest scripto I've been getting this error when working with rxtx (serial communicatio...
Re: Help with... 19.04.07
Hey Kasper, Try asking a bit more concrete questions, I'm sure you'll find the answers you're looking for. What is it you wa...
Re: Construct... 25.02.07
Hey, Thanks for the quick reply, I didn't have the latest version (16.02.2007), it works now! ┬Śmooie smiley!
Constructing... 25.02.07
Hey all, Has anyone of you had any luck creating a new swatch with the Swatch() constructor? I keep getting this error: Ref...
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