krisztián kristóf
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file import -... 03.03.10
hi, masters. how could i import an xml file (3d data) into the script? i want to access 3d rhonda files from my machine, thr...
Re: loading x... 11.12.09
Hi, now i have some time (plus flu) so i continue on this script. i wander how opening a file dialog could work, to browse d...
Re: loading x... 07.12.09
it was just a slash / backwards slash \ problem forget about it :)
Re: loading x... 07.12.09
sorry for so much work with this simple thing, but any path i give puts "file not found" on the console window any ideas?
Re: loading x... 03.12.09
o..sorry rhonda (see link upper) files are xml. theres more than one root node, depending on the lines you draw. like this:...
Re: loading x... 02.12.09
Jonathan, the offline xml parser would be based on XMLDOM?
Re: loading x... 02.12.09
Thanks. Ive written a rhonda sketch to SVG converter in actionscript, i want to make a rhonda illustrator plugin based on th...
loading xml? 30.11.09
i can't seem to find a solution to do it. is it possible? thanks, k
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