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Image sizes
Date:  8. April 2008, 23:33

Sorry for not just editing my last post but I registered after writing it.

Basically I think what happens is that I am not able to use the scripts on fairly large images w 2000 h 3000.
So what image size is advisable to use? I'm mostly doing A4 work.

Greetings from Amsterdam,
Gideon van Dijk

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Re: Image sizes
From:  Keegan Green
Date:  9. April 2008, 04:03

Hi Gideon,

It seems you are talking about the raster scripts, is that correct?

The input image you use needs to be pretty small. The raster scripts draw a shape or line for every single pixel, so you don't want anything nearly as big as a4, 300dpi.

I have had good results with sizes around 100 pixels wide, and the samples you see on this site seem to be between 30 and 60 pixels wide.

Hope that helps,


Re: Image sizes
Date:  9. April 2008, 17:48

That explains a lot, thanks. But that does mean I am not able to use most images. The software is great though.

Greetings from Amsterdam,
Gideon van Dijk

Re: Image sizes
From:  Keegan Green
Date:  10. April 2008, 11:02

Why can't you use them? If you are worried about the resolution for print, it's ok. Once the image has been through a rater script, the result is vector art, so can scaled and printed at any size.

You do have to choose images that are fairly simple, so you can still tell what it is at such a low resolution.


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