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Live offset tool
From:  Mcmicmic
Date:  12. May 2011, 15:31

I am a long time illustrator user, one of the most frequent tool that I use is offset command from the object/path menu, and the effect/path/offset, with the offset path command it create a offset path as a new object, and the offset effect creates live offset effect that allow me to continue edit the path with live offset path.

however I frequently need to create object with multiple offset distance, eg: a triangle with two line in 1" offset and 5" offset for the remaining line, that I have to do it manually.

I wonder would there be a tool or effect that let me specify the offset distance of each line with-in a single object, that can be edit with live offset result.

thank you.

Re: Live offset tool
Date:  13. May 2011, 11:04

Yes, I would very much like this too. Could we hope for an path offset function with some upcoming Scriptographer version. Also, the blend function would be very convenient!

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