Version 2.7.037 Is Here
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Version 2.7.037 Is Here
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  8. March 2010, 00:00

Just in time for this week's workshop at ECAL, we released the latest version of Scriptographer. As always this includes a row of bug fixes, and this time also some quite substantial performance improvement in various fields.

But most of all, this includes new functions and classes for creating user interfaces and palettes in very easy ways, as described by the new Displaying Dialog Windows tutorial. Speaking of tutorials, we also wrote quite a few new ones.

As this is the main new feature in this release we are not going to include a detailed change-log this time.

We believe that the new Dialog.prompt(title, items) and new Palette(title, items, values) functionality offers a really great way to make more interactive scripts and we cannot wait to see the outcomes.

This should basically eradicate the need to tinker with any of the complex types in the UI package, which is a good thing, as Adobe will likely move away from ADM in CS6 onwards due to the necessary switch to Cocoa on Mac in order to support 64 Bit. This will break all of Scriptographer's UI code and making it literally impossible to maintain backward compatibility for the UI package. Therefore the methods described in the Displaying Dialog Windows tutorial will be the only ones guaranteed to work in the future in order to create user interfaces in Scriptographer.

As always, download and have fun!

Re: Version 2.7.037 Is Here
Date:  8. March 2010, 00:59

I've updated Ribbon Folder to use the new Palette code - saved over 120 lines of code!

Re: Version 2.7.037 Is Here
From:  Stewart
Date:  10. March 2010, 21:00

How do you know, "Adobe will move away from ADM in CS6 onwards" ? The CS5 suite might be in beta now, but they have already announced functionality in CS6?

Re: Version 2.7.037 Is Here
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  18. March 2010, 10:55

On Mac, ADM is based on the outdated Carbon library that is 32 bit only. As part of the transition to 64 Bit, all Adobe software has to switch to Cocoa, and ADM is rumoured to not make that switch. I have adapted the main post a bit now.

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