Object on path
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Creator:  luca moroni
Date:  19. July 2012, 15:30

This script allow to copy and paste an object over a path, how many time you want.
During the repetition you can decide to rotate the object, by normal rotation or random scaled vibration.
You can repeat the created pattern by the y or x axis to create some textures like elements.
You can also scale the object during the repetition.

Download (external link)

Re: Object on path
Date:  19. July 2012, 22:38

Nice script

Good with Variator -- quick test attached

I may add another scale to make the repeats get smaller
and a choice for the repeats to go to back....

Now added ... several messages below

Re: Object on path
Date:  19. July 2012, 23:14

You just beat me to it...
I've had a script like that lying around on my HD just doing nothing.

A few days ago friend of mine asked for such a function and I thought that I should post it here as it can really be helpful sometimes (one could ask why this function is not native in AI to begin with).

Kinda funny coincidence...

Re: Object on path
From:  luca moroni
Date:  22. July 2012, 14:31

Thank you.

Gareth if look you can set the scale amount and the direction too, or are you talking about a scaling like a wave?

Re: Object on path
Date:  23. July 2012, 01:39

I have made a few small mods to my copy

I can now process multiple objects including groups and compound path

Will publish sometime this week ... thanks for the inspiration!
I will hope you will try my version then, and we can work to a final powerful tool

Re: Object on path
Date:  25. July 2012, 21:08

Here is a beta version of objects-on-paths which has the extra options apart from 'fade'
I should be pleased to hear of suggestions for improvement.
As I said before, obj-on-path and objs-on-paths work well with the Variator script used afterwards :-)

Re: Object on path
Date:  25. July 2012, 23:34

and some clipart along 4 paths

Re: Object on path
Date:  26. July 2012, 08:58

.... and to show another technique. Generate a group by cycling objects.
Then in a second run, use that result along another path.

Re: Object on path
Date:  26. July 2012, 21:59

jitter added to code above - now more or less imitates a random scatter brush :-)

Re: Object on path
From:  luca moroni
Date:  27. July 2012, 11:51

I'm very happy that this script stimulated you a lot.
Sorry if I'm not partecipating in the modding but nowadays I can't.
Thank you for sharing!

Re: Object on path
Date:  27. July 2012, 20:07

and finally with fading of paths and groups ....

08.08.14, 15:24
15.05.14, 14:23
02.03.14, 19:16
18.11.13, 14:48
22.03.13, 03:05
22.02.13, 15:45
10.01.17, 16:37
19.02.16, 06:03
19.02.16, 06:00
17.01.16, 11:00
12.01.16, 13:10
25.11.15, 08:19